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Sanjay Sharma is a Houston-based artist primarily working with conceptual ideas and intuition.  His artistic practice is often concerned with an idea he has labeled holistic absurdity.  It is a mélange of existentialist and Asian philosophies, and some kind of understanding of quantum physics.  Holistic absurdity is a recognition of the wonder and ridiculousness of existence.  Grounded in Buddhist notions of impermanence and emptiness, existentialist notions of existence being a blank slate, and the quantum physics concept of superstates, Sanjay's work plays intuitively with sense and nonsense. 



In physics, the laws of nature we experience change on the quantum scale.  Particles can be in two places at once. They can vanish and reappear across the universe. Contradictions co-exist. Particles themselves are made of energy. These particles/waves are the foundation of our universe.


This idea of the rules not being the rules - that everything we think we know, we don’t, is the essence of my work.

Art happens in the mind.  One makes art by looking at something and thinking/feeling something.  That means each person makes the art from the objects I make.  There is no wrong art for one to make from an object. There is no better authority than the viewer. Existentialists realized there is no basis to derive authority because the universe and its nature is beyond human beings to grasp.  The Buddhist idea of emptiness is that there is no inherent point of view, no one true perspective from which to see.  There are infinite possibilities, which is echoed in the quantum realm.  I'm only interested in amusing the creative impulse in viewers, by playing with the absurd.


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